10 Yards Standing

As part of the 25 yards bench rest tunnel the club has a 10 Yards Standing Target Fixture.

This is used for practice and the internal club 10 yards standing competitions.

Details of the competition are as follows:

  • Currently, there is only one category of standing competition.
  • Target cards are issued to each shooter individually.
  • Any rifle and sight can be used.
  • Only one card can be shot per month.
  • Each card has 10 targets on it, one shot is taken at each target disk.
  • Cards score up to 100 but you get an extra “1 point” for each “clean bull” you hit so there is a potential to score 110.
  • All cards must be witnessed and signed by the witness otherwise cards will be marked void. The best seven scores for each shooter count for their final standing at the end of the year.

Regards BFTO.