Pistol Shooting

The club has a separate Pistol and Vintage Rifle range for use by all members.

Safety glasses must be worn at all times whilst using this range.

Only pistols with open sights can be used to compete in 6 yard, 8×8 yard and 10 metre target card competitions. All cards must be witnessed and signed by the witness otherwise cards will be marked void.

The club also organises Pistol and CO2 Field Shoots away from the confines of the range, these are organised and shot in the outlining woodlands. Based on HFT rifle competition rules and using spring powered or pre-charged pistols (targets range varying between 8 to 25 yards). See the Pistol and CO2 Rifle discipline page.

The range provides a number of targets and has a separate section for paper target competition shooting.

Pistols can range from relatively inexpensive CO2 powered ones to very expensive pre-charged target match pistols.

Regards BFTO.