Vintage and Classic Springer’s

We encourage the use of older airguns and collectibles, some of which are now well over 100 years old. These airguns were made to be used and are still capable of excellent accuracy over open sights when shot over realistic distances.

We have an active annual calendar of events including a monthly fun shoot and several special events.

The monthly Classic and spring gun challenge includes 3 challenges:

Challenge 1

A bell target, which the competitor takes 5 shoots unsupported standing at a distance of 6 yards. The metal plate has scored rings getting higher score towards the centre where there is a hole with a bell behind the plate. Hit the bell for 5 points.

Challenge 2

The Sniper Rifle, 5 shoots at 10 yards unsupported standing. Put your pellet down the scope to ring the bell. 5 points to ring the bell 0 for a miss.

Challenge 3

The Playing Cards, 6 yards unsupported standing. 5 shoots 5 cards.  1 shot at each card. 0 for a miss. 1 point if you bruise the card. 2 points if you cut the card. 5 points if you cut the card completely in half. Oh, by the way the cards are edge on just to make it a little bit more of a challenge. 

These 3 challenges are shot 3 times.

The rifle “Ie vintage pre-1939” or any other type of break barrel or lever action . No scopes allowed iron sight/open sights.

The whole idea is a rifle with a bit of history and to have fun.

All members and guests who have shot this have all had big smiles and can’t wait for the next competition.

We hold several open shoots during the year, some of which are an excellent excuse to shoot an old gun in the woods which are part of the club’s grounds or under cover of the vintage rifle and pistol range.

Regards BFTO.