The Rat Challenge

Every 2’nd Tuesday of the month this event is held in the pistol and vintage rifle range.

The Rat Challenge is made up of 5 rat target plates:

  • Each rat has 2 knock down sections. 1 head and 1 body section.
  • The head is a smaller kill and is 7 points.
  • The body a larger kill and is 3 points.
  • You will team up with a partner and either one will take a shot at the head and the other the body and then move to next target.
  • There are 5 rounds, all your scores are combined.

Then finally the Golden Rat. this is out at approximately 20 yards and is a “one shot per team”. If the Golden Rat is knocked down an extra 10 points are awarded. If each pair knock the rat down 20 Points are awarded to the final score.

The 5 Rat Targets are between 6 and 18 yards.

This competition is shot with CO2 Rifles and is a fun shoot which many people participate in, newbies always welcome.

The club has guns if you want to borrow one, all you need is some CO2, pellets and the will to win and have fun.

Rat Challenge

Regards BFTO.